Nollywood actress Evan Okoro cries for help over threat to life.

Written by on July 23, 2021

Nollywood actress and producer, Evan Okoro has called out for help over threat to life and alleged assault.

The actress in a series of videos shared on Instagram, revealed that she was beaten up over her newly released feature film ‘Bigo Madness’.

Okoro claimed her assailants demanded that the controversial movie be pulled from YouTube as they did not want the app to go viral.

She wrote in the caption ” Guys my life is in danger, I don’t think I’m safe anymore, they want to kill me because of the movie I produced titled (sic) BIGO MADNESS, they asked me to pull down the movie or they will end my life, that they don’t want the app to go viral… please I need help,”

In another post she wrote “A lot of people are saying that I should pull down my BIGO MADNESS, please see my reason why I’m not going to pull it down, I was accused of shooting a misleading content, which is not true, they wrote to Bigo authority that I’m trying to tarnish their image, which is also not true. So pulling down the movie right now is like throwing away my evidence.

She further explained that her movie was targeted at unemployed Nigerian youths whom she wanted to inform about the platform where they can earn money

The film starring Destiny Etiko and Okoro, centers around the live streaming app that creates opportunity for users to make money from sharing diverse content.

Credit: Pulse

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