Lily Cole apologises for posing in a burka on Instagram

Written by on August 18, 2021

Model, actress and activist Lily Cole has apologised for posting a picture of herself in a burka as a way to “embrace diversity” and promote her new book.

Critics said posing in the garment, worn by some Muslim women, did not help diversity and was ill-advised given the current unrest in Afghanistan.

Cole, posted the pictures as Afghanistan was being taken over by the Taliban, who forced women to wear the burka when they were last in control in the 1990s.

One photo showed her with a blue burka covering her face and body, and in another the garment was pulled up to reveal her face.

Co-founder of the Hijabi Half-Hour podcast, Anjum Peerbacos said the pictures were “disrespectful”.

Also a media commentator and women’s rights campaigner Aisha Ali- Khan, said Cole was “playing dress-up”.

Cole later deleted her post and apologised on her Instagram story.

Credit: BBC

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