Kanye West label accuses Walmart of selling fake Yeezy Sneaker.

Written by on June 27, 2021

Kanye west and his Yeezy sneaker label are suing Walmart, accusing the retail giant of selling fake shoes.

The complaint which was filed in California court in Los Angeles, claims the retail giant has been selling fake versions of his bizarre-looking Foam Runner slides.

According to the lawsuit, Yeezy which was introduced last year at a retail price of 75 dollars is “losing market shares” with the imitation shoes allegedly harming the reputation and the goodwill of the rapper’s brand.

The document noted that “the Yeezy brand is worth ‘billions’ of dollars, and the potential loss from the imitation shoes is in ‘hundreds of millions.’”

It stated that celebrities are often seen photographed in the Yeezy brand, which in turn “enhances the brand’s popularity and appeal to the general public.”

Report says Walmart appears to have removed most of the counterfeit Foam Runners from its web site.

However, Walmart has issued a statement explaining that the product in question was being sold via their platform by a reseller, and not the company itself adding that it would respond in court as appropriate after been served with the complaint.

Credit: BBC

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