Aircrafts grounded as desperate Afghans seek to escape from Kabul.

Written by on August 17, 2021

There have been scenes of panic at Kabul airport as desperate residents try to flee following the seizure of the Afghan capital by the Taliban.
The US army say soldiers shot two armed men, while three people are reported to have died after falling from the underside of a plane they were clinging onto shortly after take-off.
All flights have now been stopped as soldiers try to clear the runways.
The US and other countries are rushing to evacuate staff and allies.
On Sunday the Taliban declared victory after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled abroad and his government collapsed.
The militants’ return to rule brings an end to almost 20 years of a US-led coalition’s presence in the country.
Kabul was the last major city in Afghanistan to fall to a Taliban offensive that began months ago but accelerated in recent days as they gained control of territories, shocking many observers.
Meanwhile, US President, Joe Biden has defended the exit of troops from Afghanistan.
President Biden said he stands “squarely” behind the US exit from Afghanistan as he faces withering criticism over the Taliban’s lightning conquest of the war-torn country.
“How many more American lives is it worth?” said the president.
He said despite the “gut-wrenching” scenes in Kabul “there is never a good time to withdraw US forces”.

Source: BBC

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