Agric Experts advocate grants for farmers to avert impending food crisis.

Written by on August 5, 2021

Funmilola Afolabi.

Experts in agriculture have alerted Nigerians of an impending food crisis across the Nation, following the escalating insecurity, withdrawal of subsidy from farm inputs, including fertilisers.

The experts also identified farmers’ lack of access to loans and other facilities, as major factors aiding food shortages and the impending food crisis.

Food crisis is a global concern, even before the menace of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the problem of food insecurity is even more severe in certain regions across the globe.

This is largely due to some inherent factors in those areas such as violent conflicts and instability, environmental factors, development and governance deficits, economic shocks, amongst others.

In Nigeria, the silent crisis of food insecurity is caused by lack of access to safe water and sanitation and the disruption of basic services due to conflict.

Meanwhile food remains a major need of all humans, as prolonged absence of food, security, livelihoods, healthcare, education, clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, aggravate risks.

An agricultural expert, Shehu Usman while reacting to the impending food crisis, called on concerned authorities to develop and implement practical actions in a bid to trigger and guide appropriate responses for addressing food challenges in the country.

He said only actual farmers who engage in active farming should benefit from available grants.

An economist, Dr Arume Salifu said government must rise up to the needs of its people and incorporate workable policies in a bid to make farming attractive to all.

Other respondents opined that Food insecurity can worsen existing conflict issues, create new platforms for violence and as such, urgent policies and programmes should be targeted at solving the deepening crisis.

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